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Our consulting is as individual as our customers. Your organization, your employees and your customers are at the center of our work.


The digital transformation is changing everything: the way we communicate, work, and live. A lot of things have become easier and faster–but also more uncertain: some companies do see the necessity of a digital transformation without knowing how to do it. Others did initiate digital change already but the new processes have potential for optimization. We are aware of these settings.

Data and content play an important role in the context of digital transformation: unscrunch analyzes your information flows and processes away from statistical data and visualizes your status quo. On that basis, potential can be detected: to implement new technologies like blockchain and machine learning, to design digital processes, and to eliminate redundancy.

You get our visual documentation in your preferred format: from EPUB to interactive SVG, we can conver a wide range of possible formats.

During our consulting mandates, we rely on agile methods, empathy, and our interdisciplinary skill set. The primary focus is on understanding your needs. On that basis, we create customized solutions for every digital transformation scenario. If your own resources are limited, we take the lead of your digital transformation project.



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