Content Blockchain

Blockchain: often mentioned, rarely understood.

There is an overwhelming array of articles, blog posts, presentations, books, videos, and podcasts trying to explain blockchain–oftentimes too technical or too abstract.

A lot of times, there seems to be the wrong assumption that every blockchain application works the same but every application has its own aims following its own rules and governance.

They all have in common that they are programs running on computers connected to other computers running the same program. These programs will start sharing a file across the network and this file is called the blockchain, which is basically a long list of transactions.

unscrunch divides the subject of blockchain in three modules so you get a basic understanding of the technology. We then introduce you to the special use cases of the Content Blockchain.

The workshop is about a general knowledge transfer. It's a non-technical event aimed at everybody working with content: publishers, journalists, photographers, musicians, entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, executives, and marketers.

The Content Blockchain Project was initiated in 2016 by a consortium of publishing, law and IT companies to research the possibilities of using blockchain technologies to advance the content and media ecosystem.


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